Life in the Arctic" an Alaskan Adventure Photo Safari

Date: September 15, 2023 - September 21, 2023


Muskox_1.mp4 from Nick Fucci Photography on Vimeo.

Have you ever wanted to venture to a place where wildlife is still wild, where the critters are more abundant than people; no crowds, no cars, no bear jams, and you won’t be hanging your camera out the car window; back to a land that has changes little since the end of the last Ice Age. Join me for an exciting adventure to the far north; the “Life in the Arctic” Alaskan photo safari will take you first to Nome Alaska, a tiny community of 3,700 hearty residents on the southern coast of the Seward Peninsula on the Bering Sea’s Norton Sound. Nome is also the end of the famed Iditarod sled dog race from Anchorage; “The Last Great Race” and the 1899 Nome Gold Rush. We’ll be off the grid and into wild Alaska as we travel to two remote bush camps to capture Alaska’s wildlife. This is an amazing opportunity for photographers of any skill level or ability.

Your guides have a lifetime of experience in the Alaskan bush; myself over 40 years with 26 of them as an Alaska resident and our local guide, Tom Gray, has spent his entire life in the wilds of the Seward Peninsula. We’ll be using our skills learned over the years to track, locate, approach and photograph the wildlife.
Your northwest Alaska adventure photo safari lasts 6 full days and 6 nights. You’ll arrive in Nome on the 15th where we’ll be met by our guide and then it’s off the grid for 6 full days as we explore and photograph the wilds of Alaska’s Seward Peninsula.

Photographers and adventurers alike will be especially eager to see and photograph the ancient muskox a creature that once roamed the steppe with the woolly mammoth, woolly rhino and the giant steppe bison. Besides the muskox we’ll be keeping our eyes out for grizzly bear, tundra wolf, moose, caribou, red fox, wolverine and much more. For the birder’s in the group numerous species of birds of the arctic will be on our list; Willow Ptarmigan, Jaegers, numerous duck species, Pacific, red-throated, and Arctic Loons, and numerous shorebirds and plovers and much, much more.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience wild, untamed Alaska and go back in time to an unspoiled land.

  • Small group size, limited to 6 participants,
  • Professional, experienced guides,
  • 6 Days, 6 Nights.


  • Ground and river transportation from Nome,
  • Meals and non-alcoholic drinks,
  • Lodging
  • Professional photography and field guides,
  • Cost $4995/pp

*A moderate fitness level is required as hiking over uneven terrain on open tundra is required.
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