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ABOUT :: Biography :: Nick Fucci

Photo by Steve Mitchell

I likes to refer to myself as a misplaced Alaskan, now residing in Bigfork Montana in the Northwest corner of the state I still considers myself a part of the far north.

My camera equipment consists of Canon bodies, MK II & MK IV, and a variety of Canon lenses from 16-35mm wide-angle to 500mm f4 fixed. There's also an assortment of gadgets in my camera bag including a better-beamer, Grad filters and polarizers by Sigh-Ray and tripods by Gitzo. And I guess I'm one of the last that hasn't gone to a Wemberly head for my big glass I still use a Foba Super Ball. It's become like an old pair of jeans, you just don't want to let them go! Besides the larger critters and amazing avian subjects, I find myself drawn into the world of macro photography. This has opened a whole new realm to me!

Photo by Steve Freno
Nick with Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin

While in Alaska I served as the secretary and then the President of the Alaska Society of Outdoor & Nature Photographers. I maintain my membership as well as being a member of NANPA, the North American Nature Photographers Association.

I currently teach Outdoor & Nature Photography at Flathead Valley Community College through the Continuing Education Department. This fall marks my 14th year of teaching photography. I can't think of a better way to share my good fortune than to pass it on!

With my patient wife Pam I enjoy traveling around this amazing planet to capture all its incredible diversity. I currently lead trips to Alaska, Costa Rica and around my home in Montana, which includes Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range.

Drop a line at the link below if you have a photography question, would like to know more about our photo safaris or just want to chat.....................................Nick

Contact Nick Fucci info@nickfucciphoto.com